“We’re very selective about where we send our patients, and the APM&R physicians we refer to are absolutely the best in all of Lower Michigan. Not only are they excellent doctors who perform treatments that no one else in the area does, they are kind, amazing people as well. One of my physical therapy patients was in a lot of pain, and his APM&R doctor made a special effort to fit him in to his busy schedule. These are doctors who press on to find more ways to help their patients, and I tell my patients that we are incredibly lucky to have them so close by. These are doctors who truly care.

—Patrick Hoban, PT
Owner, Probility Physical Therapy

“Even though I had a nice rheumatologist and I had gone to a lot of orthopedic people, I didn’t find a lot of compassion and sympathy for people who have pain. Orthopedic people see you as a broken bone; they don’t have a lot of experience in physical medicine, how your body actually works. They were all into steroids and said: ‘We’ll shoot you with this,’ and then, out the door. Physical therapists would say, ‘Here are eight exercises; do these and it will be all better.’ My doctor at APM&R explains what’s going on and works with a PT to see what really will help make it better.

—Nancy Clark

The APM&R physicians are experts in their field and they are trendsetters, always on the cutting edge of what is new in order to further help their patients. They are strong patient advocates, doing what is necessary to help patients get what they need for their treatments. All of the doctors are very approachable and take their time with you, and when you are in their presence you receive their full attention until the matter is resolved. They often see complex cases, patients who have been ‘lost’ in the medical system. I am often with these patients when they sit down and talk to a doctor, and I can see their relief that they finally feel listened to, have a plan, and have hope.

—Linda Leone
Medical Case Manager

“My doctor at APM&R was extremely patient with my medical issue. He listened carefully as I explained my injury, did not make me feel rushed in any way, and was empathetic to my concerns, making sure I received an in-depth physical review. Due to the severity of my injury, several months elapsed while my arm healed, and during this time my doctor gave me much positive encouragement as I slowly recovered. Throughout the process of rehabilitation I was very appreciative of his medical awareness of my plight, his positive demeanor and his sense of humor. In short, my experience at APM&R has been exceptional.”

—Kevin Lambert

“The doctors at APM&R stand out as excellent communicators, and I can always count on their calling me back promptly and personally. With patients, they are incredibly resourceful and try to consider all conservative options first, rather than doing something invasive. The focus of the APM&R docs is the restoration of function—and that’s what most people want. Instead of isolating and treating only the part of the patient’s body that is injured, the APM&R doctors are experts in pulling together all of the body systems and treating the patient as a whole—in other words, the patient is looked at as a whole person, not just a body part. Many APM&R patients have been around the block with multiple doctors and are very frustrated. APM&R becomes their last stop because they get a good outcome—and because they feel they have finally been heard.”

—Denise Patterson, PT
Physical Therapist

The thing that’s different about this practice is their tenacity, their attention to stay with it. They’ll say, ‘Call me back in 6 days,’ or they’ll call me back to see how I’m doing. There’s a mutual respect … you’re a partner with the doctor. He also puts the accountability back on me. Other people have said that, too—they make you accountable.”

—Mary Poskie

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