Amputee Clinic

The APM&R Amputee Clinic was formally established in 1993 by Dr. Marc Strickler and Dr. Jon Wardner, with the primary goal of providing optimal coordination of rehabilitative care  for patients with lower extremity amputations. The clinic meets in our main office, Reichert Health Center Suite 2009, every 5-6 weeks on Thursday mornings. We follow patients in various stages of recovery from below knee, above knee, or partial foot amputations, and guide them through the rehabilitation process.

When & Where Does the Amputee Clinic Meet?

When: Thursdays, every 5-6 weeks
Where: APM&R main office, Reichert Health Center, Suite 2009, Ypsilanti MI 48197
Questions: (734) 712-0050

Conditions Causing Amputation

Approximately 90% of limb amputations are caused by impaired circulation, as a result of diabetes mellitus or other vascular conditions. Orthopedic trauma, such as from motorcycle accidents, is another common cause. Bone cancer and congenital limb deficiencies are occasionally seen, but are relatively rare conditions. Often, we will have seen the patient initially for inpatient consultation on the Vascular Surgery or Orthopedic services in the hospital. Some of these patients are then admitted to the Rehabilitation Unit at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital for a course of inpatient rehabilitation.

What Happens at the Amputee Clinic?

In the Amputee Clinic, all patients see the attending physiatrist (Dr. Wardner or Dr. Strickler), along with a prosthetist from one of the local prosthetics/orthotics providers. We routinely address a variety of issues regarding amputation, including:

  • Incision care
  • Pain management
  • Fitting special postoperative dressings and shrinker garments
  • Equipment needs, including shoes, inserts and braces
  • Physical therapy
  • Prosthesis design and fitting

We also offer guidance regarding return to work and gradual resumption of daily activities as well as to take time to educate patients and their families and answer any questions they may have. If needed, we can order various diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and EMGs, and can perform nerve blocks or joint/tendon injections for pain management. We always coordinate care with the referring surgeon, the primary care doctor, and with other specialists who are involved in the patient’s care. Our clinic also is affiliated with the Amputee Support Group at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Our ultimate goal is to maximize each patient’s function and quality of life following an amputation.

For more information about our Amputee Clinic, contact us at (734) 712-0050.

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